Samuel Walladge

software engineer

Samuel Walladge

About me

I'm a Christian, software engineer, and computer science enthusiast. I am passionate about learning, programming, good software design, and sharing knowledge.

Currently I'm working as a software developer for OpenCraft.

I also trade as a freelance software engineer. See here for more information about hiring my services.

Over the last few years, I've tutored at the NCSS Summer School (an amazing experience!) and the NCSS challenge online, built a commercial website for a client, and completed a Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) at CDU.


I am a designated communications provider as defined by §317C of the Telecommunications Act 1997. §317ZF(13) permits me to disclose the following statistics related to assistance and access.

In total, for all time, I have received:

  • 0 technical assistance notices
  • 0 technical capability notices
  • 0 technical assistance requests

I will update these statistics accordingly.

See aa.txt.asc for a PGP signed copy of the above declaration.

Contact me

My email address and preferred communication point is If my domain is misconfigured for some reason, please try emailing instead. My previous widely used email was I will continue to receive emails sent to that address no worries.

Please use PGP, Keybase, Signal, or Telegram secret chats if security/privacy is desired.

Networks you can find me on:

I have profiles on many other sites too, but if you are unsure of my identity on other sites, please contact me via one of the above methods to verify.

I do not have accounts on Facebook (deleted years ago) or LinkedIn (deleted 2019-11-16). If a user is claiming to be me on those platforms, please verify through another channel.

You can download my public PGP key here. Fingerprint: 336A 1472 62F2 1088 7E66 BAA1 DE49 8341 B869 1D8D