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This post is for the purpose of presenting the high level information about my honours thesis. It also provides links to the thesis document and signature files to establish the canonical revision and its authenticity.


This thesis was developed as part of the Bachelor of Software Engineering Honours degree at CDU. The title is Developing mobile games for learning and preserving Aboriginal languages.


Keywords: language preservation, indigenous language, mobile application, game, literacy

Many Australian Aboriginal languages are classified as endangered and run the risk of disappearing. It is important that these languages be kept strong. Collecting more permanent language data and increasing literacy among speakers have been suggested to help maintain languages. These measures could result in wider language use and further development of language learning resources. This project endeavours to develop a mobile game, aimed at native speakers of Aboriginal languages, for learning to read and write in their languages. This game would provide a way for teachers or language experts to create and share games, in the process creating a permanent record of Aboriginal languages. Through this design, the project will test the hypothesis that a mobile language learning game can be used to effectively collect language data for documenting the language. As background, literature was reviewed to discover information about three Aboriginal languages, modelling language data, and algorithms for word segmentation. Six established language learning platforms were analysed, generating design and interaction ideas for prototyping, and understanding of what constitutes a successful language learning platform. Using design ideas generated previously, together with further research, prototypes were developed and user tested. Finally, a mobile application was developed with enough implemented features to potentially use for testing the hypothesis.


The canonical revision lives at the following url: https://static.swalladge.net/thesis/samuel-walladge-thesis-2018.pdf. This is the final version as submitted for publishing by the uni.

To verify the authenticity of the file, compare with the following sha256sum: b727295f663f3450d615ab3942609ebe96e2f04c88e40f42181736dbe677cbab