Git has a neat configuration option for rewriting urls, which can be used for keyboard-saving short aliases for common domains.

The configuration variable is url.<base>.insteadOf. If git sees a url that starts with the value of this variable, it replaces the value with the <base>.

It's a bit unintuitive to explain, so here's some examples (snippet from my config):

[url "git+ssh://"]
        insteadof = lp:

[url "git+ssh://"]
        insteadof = gh:

[url ""]
        insteadof = od:

[url ""]
        insteadof = sr:

This provides some short aliases for common git forges, which can be handy for quickly cloning repositories. For example, you can now do this:

$ git clone gh:torvalds/linux

Which does the same as:

$ git clone git+ssh://